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**NEW** The Force Awakens Craft Pack v1.0 - Thursday, April 07, 2016
It's been a while, but we have some new opts! - Sunday, February 28, 2016
DSUCPv2.2 Back OnLine - Sunday, March 8, 2015
**NEW** DSUCPv2.2 Release NOW Supports GOG.com version of XWA - Friday, January 23, 2015
Thursday, April 07, 2016 Top
**NEW** The Force Awakens Craft Pack v1.0

Just a small Craft Pack that includes Spyder's Awesome T-70 X-Wing Fighter, the Special Forces TIE Fighter, First Order TIE Fighter and an updated Millennium Falcon.

For more information, a better look at the craft and to download, please go to The Force Awakens Craft Pack page

If you happen to find any bugs, please report them here!

Sunday, February 28, 2016 Top
It's been a while, but we have some new opts!

Gammatron contacted me about some new craft he had put together from the craft already available on here. To be honest I wasn't expecting too much as in the past others have kit bashed together craft from stock craft with terrible results. Anyhow Gammatron sent me the Concept Craft and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of them.

I've just tidied them up and corrected a few minor glitches.

First up is the Extended B-Wing in Dagger Squadron colours, Gammatron did a fine job on stretching the cockpit to extend it, but the textures where stretched, so what I've done is to move the original cockpit and piece in an extension.

Next up the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing ‘Elite’ TIE Interceptor

Next we have the Emperor's Royal Guard TIE Interceptor

Next the bad ass of the Tie Bombers the TIE Interdictor (later known as the TIE Punisher)

Next the TIE Shuttle

And lastly from Gammatron the TIE Seeker made from the TIE Lambda

You can download all six of Gammatron's Opts on his own page Gammatron's Craft
All craft come with Base, Exterior and Cockpit opts
an MXvTED *.shp file for intallation.
A Skirmish image
and a Hull-Icon image.
Sorry these are manual installs

I've also cobbled a few new TIE's together first we have the TIE Storm or ‘Stormtrooper Shuttle’

And the TIE Heavy Bomber

And you can download both of these from my Imperial Fighter 1
All craft come with Base, Exterior and Cockpit opts
an MXvTED *.shp file for intallation.
A Skirmish image
and a Hull-Icon image.
Sorry these are manual installs

Sunday, June 21, 2015 Top

Darksaber’s Ultimate Craft Pack v2.3 is now compatible with the STEAM version of X-Wing: Alliance, Sorry it's taken so long I just needed a little time to figure out a workaround to make the DSUCP compatible

Also I’ve added General Trageton’s excellent ATR-6 Assault Transport making this (I think?) the 116th upgraded craft

To download the DSUCPv2.3, just click here

Along with the new release of DSUCP, I've released 4 XWA Language Packs.

The individual Language Packs (Available in French, German, Italian and Spanish) and allow you to play X-Wing: Alliance in your native tongue, they replace all the English Wave and Movie files with your preferred chosen language. XWA.tab and Launcher.tab files will also be placed in your XWA Dir, these files override ALL the text files with your chosen language.

The Language Packs are compatible with all version of XWA, whether you have the Disc version, GOG.com or STEAM versions installed, even if you have the XWAUCP or DSUCP installed the Language packs are still compatible.

All XWA.tab files have been edited to be compatible with the DSUCP, XWAUCP and DTM’s Super Backdrops. Due to the DSUCP and XWAUCP including additional Custom Craft, each XWA.tab have had to be edited to allow for these custom craft, meaning when in-game viewing the craft library some craft WILL appear with English text. Sorry about this, but I’m not fluent in any language besides English, but I can assure you the rest of your game will have your chosen language text.

You can download the XWA Language Packs here

I'm not quiet finished yet, while searching a HDD before replacing it, I came across a website I had downloaded more than a few years ago, that website totally disappeared around 2012.

The website in question had loads of information on it regarding Opt Creation, Mission Creation, Cutscene Creation and Frontend Info. So I would link to present

JM's XWA Expansion Guide

The website is as it was on the 24th July 2005, all the pages are intact, as are the downloads, some of the links to other sites no longer exist, but I have filled in most of those links, JM's Download section is still intact, though most of the large Calamari Cruiser Starships have been updated by DTM and can be downloaded from either DTM's MTD Industries Website or from the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Anyhow I hope you like my little find.

Sunday, March 8, 2015 Top

Update & Fix Date February 27th 2015

A massive thanks to JérémyaFr for all the hints, tips and fixes, you're a legend.

So what's fixed, well there were a couple of updates needed to XWA DDraw D3D11
Fixed concourse 3D scale, Fixed distorted starfield, Fixed distorted map grid, Fixed missing parts on concourse screenshots
Note: The scaling issue on briefing is not totally fixed.

DTM has also released a "NEW" Opt namely the Ferrboat Liner so this has also been added.

A report of a crash when a 3d model is shown in briefing, thanks to JérémyaFr again, the crash was related to the briefing wireframe overlay. There was a bug in the exe that lead to a buffer overflow when more than 8000 points are generated. Starting from 5000 points, there are missing parts, then starting from around 8100 points, the game crashed while loading the mission. The workaround was to disable the briefing wireframe overlay.

Fixes to the installer, reports came concerning the Disc version of the install, in where the installer couldn't find Disc 1, this has now been fixed.

I've fixed a couple of missions B4M1 and B6M1:-
B4M1 in Region 4 the Cargo Ferries kept crashing for some reason; I compared the craft with the other Cargo Ferries arrival orders, some of the settings where missing, so I corrected this and now the mission plays as it should.
B6M1 people were complaining they couldn't finish the mission, I tested it myself, each time on hard, and it just failed each time, on easy I tested it 4 or 5 time failing each time, a 6th time I managed to complete it, whether it's my age or lack of reaction these days I don't know, but I've edited the mission to make it easier and I can now complete it on hard.
You may call this cheating the mission, but sod it I'm getting on a bit now, my reactions and eyesight aren't what they used to be, but I wasn't the only one how couldn't complete these missions, so sue me!

I've fixed a problem with the Planetary Fighters, which where crashing the game.

I've fixed a problem with the B-Wing, while flying in mission it would fire missiles and lasers from the same position, but if you fly the B-Wing in skirmish everything was fine, a strange one this, I've solved this, so it fires correctly, but when still firing missiles/torpedoes in single fire mode it fires from only one side of the craft, but link the missiles/torpedoes they fire from both sides of the craft, just to confirm it had nothing to do with the upgraded craft I tested this with a vanilla install of XWA, the same thing happens with the missile/torpedoes, very strange I've never noticed this before.

Also a report came in regarding AI craft couldn't land on the Dreadnaught, a few days earlier I had been messing with some of the Hardpoints within the Opt, I've since fixed this, so AI craft should be able to land once again.

There was also a problem in GOG's version of XWA where the game is locked at 800x600, and you couldn't change the resolution, GOG have added Reimar's XWA Hacker patches to the exe, but they added the Force 800x600 patch, which basically locks out there other pre-set resolution, this has been fixed.

So the DSUCPv2.2 is up to date as of the March 8th 2015

I think thats about it, fingures crossed that everything should run and install fine now., but if you do have any problems PLEASE post them Here.

Oh last thing, your probably asking yourself why the XWAUCP got upgraded to version 1.2, but the DSUCP stays at version 2.2 and not version 2.3, basically I couldn't be bothered to change all the website and documentation again :) So it stays at version 2.2!!


Friday, January 23, 2015 Top

**NEW** DSUCPv2.2 Release NOW Supports GOG.com version of XWA

With the release of the GOG.com version of X-Wing: Alliance, it’s forced my hand to release an update to the craft packs.
The main update to this installer is the addition of DTM’s Super Backdrops with thanks to JérémyaFr (Jérémy Ansel), who discovered the offsets in the X-wingAlliance.exe to insert higher resolution textures within the X-Wing Alliance game, it’s now possible to replace all the original backdrop images. Six months of work were needed for DTM to bring together more than 350 images, which now creates the backdrop of the game. The replacement of all the planets, nebulae, stars and asteroids was only the first step of a complete revolution of the game.

The second step was to invent a new starfield, created using the technique of merging multiple backdrops.

All the X-Wing Alliance missions including the Pilot Proving Grounds’ missions have been modified with the new backdrops and can be played enjoying a completely renovated scenario.

Along with the New Backdrop we’ve also added JérémyaFr’s New DDraw.dll and though not needed by the DSUCP we’ve added the new TGSmush.dll.

JérémyaFr also created a new DLL that allows you to use custom hangars with every starship and allows you to customize individual Hangars within the game.

Look out for the changes to the Pilot Proving Ground Hangar.

Marco finished his Zero-G Assault Stormtrooper, Zero-G Utility Worker and the System Patrol Craft; these have now been added to the installer.

Had reports of Glitches with a few craft which have now been fixed:-

1.    The R-41 Starchaser was launching warheads from the cockpit
2.    The Toscan Fighter had the Ion cannons firing at the same time as the normal lasers.
3.    TIE Defender had the wrong firing pattern.
4.    As did the TIE Interceptor.
5.    The Shuttle was also reported as having lasers that fire in all directions, I have since removed the offending laser hardpoints.
6.    The Container Class E was replaced with an R2 Unit.
7.    The TIE Warhead with lasers, the lasers where firing as turrets, this has now been fixed.
8.    Problem selecting No Missiles or No Lasers, this has now been fixed.

I've added RunFirst to the shortcuts:-

RunFirst is a command line utility that lets you start an application on the first processor of a multi-processor system or on an hyper-threaded single processor system.

What this utility does is the same as what you can do using the Task Manager -> Set Affinity command.

RunFirst is useful to start an application that crashes when running on a multi-processor system. The runfirst.exe command can be inserted in a shortcut so that when you start an application the process affinity is automatically set to run on a single processor.

All possible craft slots have been filled, some by craft that were supposed to be in XWA but no Opt was supplied, the StarViper, Modified Strike Cruiser and Homing Mine A have now been incorporated into the game.

A New Y-Wing has been added which has new engines, cockpit and with better textures, by yours truly.

The B-Wing has been re-centered so it now pivots on the engine block when closing S-Foils instead of the cockpit as pervious I've also changed the pilots head to a more appropriate helmet.

A few other craft have had slight texture tweaks dumping down the brightness of the previous textures.

To cut a long story short each opt has been tweaked in some shape or form, but you will just have to find out for yourself which craft have been altered.

So the DSUCPv2.2 is up to date as of the January 23rd 2015

I think thats about it, fingures crossed that everything should run and install fine now., but if you do have any problems PLEASE post them Here.




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